Strengthen your cybersecurity resilience with services tailored to your context and needs
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We solve cybersecurity challenges on different scope levels, depending on your context and needs


Consulting services

Managed services

CISO-as-a-Service: Outsource your cybersecurity strategy and focus on growth
Building a complete cybersecurity and information security team can become costly and complex, coupled with a high turnover of professionals that make long term planning challenging.Get immediate access to first level cybersecurity executives along with a highly specialized team and outsource your information security, so you can focus on your product and your customers.

How can we help?

  • Create and monitor your master plan.
  • Implement a risk methodology.
  • Manage regulatory and normative compliance.
  • Create and monitor business continuity plans.
  • Crisis management and disaster recovery plans.
  • Prepare and prevent cybersecurity incidents.
  • Recruit top talent.
  • Optimize total costs.
  • Identify and implement specialized software.
  • Align from top management to teams and individuals.
  • A fast time to market with quick visibility.

How can we help?

  • Assess your current maturity level.
  • Audit or evaluate current or new technologies
  • Develop governance and compliance policies.
  • Develop applications securely.
  • Manage your security operations.
  • Implement security standards and norms.
  • Recruit top talent.
  • Optimize total costs.
  • Identify and implement specialized software.
  • Develop an incident response team.
  • Prepare and prevent cybersecurity incidents.
  • Develop a recovery plan.
Cybersecurity consulting: Build or refine your specific cybersecurity challenges
Improve the performance of your cybersecurity strategy by gaining external and objective advice, based on our team’s specialized expertise to ensure nothing is overlooked.

With KMH you will receive top talent assistance, develop your skills, optimize costs and improve your cybersecurity KPIs to increase your resilience against threats.
Managed services:
If security is not your focus, let us handle your programs and tools
Off load cybersecurity programs to our team of experts, improve your operations efficiency and reduce expenses by avoiding directly-employed staff.

KMH will help you maintain and anticipate the need for certain security processes and functions, so your team can focus on product and customer success excellency.

How can we help?

  • Specialized cybersecurity services:
    - Intrusion detection and prevention.
    - Incident management.
    - Managed vulnerability.
  • Monitor and manage your security operations.
  • Implement security standards and norms.
  • Leverage our cybersec and information security expertise.
  • Get the help of top cybersecurity talent.
  • Around the clock availability.
  • Optimize total costs.
  • Identify and implement specialized software.
If you need to:
We help modern organizations mitigate their cybersecurity risks by following a set of standards, guidelines and practices based on the framework published by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). And together with our expertise, It shows five outcomes that can be assessed and used as a way to outline an integral strategy to defend their information technology assets.
Partnered with top global
cybersecurity vendors
We work with State-of-the-Art software to keep our customers ahead of the threats that face organizations in the information age.
We help top organizations
World-class organizations face world-class challenges. From experienced CISOs to fast-growing companies, we help you become more resilient to cybersecurity risks.
Integrated cybersecurity solutions for an energy company
Vulnerability management & data protection that help a leading energy company from South America to monitor and respond to threats that could harm its operations.
Krav Maga Hacking
We are a select cybersecurity team of experts that have been helping information security teams build a strong prevention strategy, improve their skills and have an optimal response in critical situations since 2019.