Mitigate your cybersecurity risks with our unique perspective
Our unique method is based on proven guidelines, standards and best practices outlined on the NIST Framework, and mixes them with our experience providing organizations with top support based on practical knowledge and tools to become more aware and resilient to modern cybersecurity threats.
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Extreme customer support

Our customers are responsible to keep their organization’s information infrastructure and assets safe and operational.

They know that they count with KMH to help them become more resilient and develop the initiatives to prepare, respond and recover from the continuous threats that we face in today’s world.

Team of cybersecurity experts

With KMH you will get an experienced team of cybersecurity professionals with top academic grades and certifications that cover multiple aspects of the discipline.

Our expertise is valued around the world and we are often invited as speakers in industry events to share our knowledge and learnings.

Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

We  help organizations face their cybersecurity risks by following this set of standards, guidelines and best practices, designed to assess and improve the maturity level of their awareness and programs in order to achieve an integral approach.

Once opportunities are identified and prioritized, we design a plan to take the necessary steps to increase preparedness to potential threats, develop the initiatives and if needed, manage the set of tools or respond to an incident.

The best cybersecurity brands

We are allied with specialized software vendors that bring to your organization the most innovative, yet tested solutions to help you understand and face the potential threats to your Information Technology and assets.

From Tel Aviv to San Francisco or Boston, we have allied with the most powerful and useful tools to increase your organization's awareness and develop the programs needed to avoid any attack, and respond decisively when facing one.

Execution with expert allies

KMH has presence in many countries, from Colombia and Uruguay, to Mexico, USA and Spain.

We deliver world-class cybersecurity solutions thanks to our network of allies, top local companies with the market understanding, relations and the ability to execute with high standards on the expected times and with the level of service that is required.

Passionate for knowledge

Cybersecurity expertise requires a devotion for staying up to date with the latest threats, solutions, cases and specialized knowledge to help us address our customers' precise needs.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced, and we are frequent participants in industry events where we share our knowledge and learnings.

Recognized ethical hackers

A true hacker understands that to make sure that systems are not breached, you need to try and break them. There is nothing wrong with that.

By doing it from an ethical perspective, we bring to light potential threats and help organizations develop the plans to address them, so that if a bad intentioned actor tries to cause harm, he will face the correct safeguards and end up looking somewhere else instead.
Partnered with top global
cybersecurity vendors
We work with State-of-the-Art software to keep our customers ahead of the threats that organizations face in the information age.
We help our customers face their cybersecurity risks by addressing the different functions of an integral strategy
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Managed services

Krav Maga Hacking
Provides the expert cybersecurity support that information security teams in large organizations around the world look for. We provide cybersecurity consulting, technologies, and managed services, to  protect our customer’s Information Technology systems and assets.