React to cybersecurity incidents with maximum impact.
Need urgent help?
When a cybersecurity incident is detected you need to take the appropriate actions to mitigate its impact.

KMH will help you plan the correct response, how to communicate it, analyze it, mitigate it and make the improvements to keep your critical infrastructure and assets safe.
Actions to help you react swiftly and decisively to any cybersecurity incidents


Our 24x7 Computer Security Incident Response Services (CSIRT) will provide your organization with a reliable and trusted single point of contact for monitoring, detecting, reporting and responding to any computer security incidents. KMH will help you install and operate the CSIRT of your organization, using the most reliable and innovative tools in the market.


  • Stay ahead of modern cybersecurity threats as they happen.
  • Third-party solution means you get to focus on growth.
  • Be prepared for fast contention, a quick response and complete recovery.


  • 24x7 incident response service.
  • Based on innovative and reliable technological solutions.
  • Expert team of malware analysts and forensic analysts to accompany all cybersecurity investigations and incidents.
  • Leverage KMH different solutions and levels of service.

Cybersecurity standards & norms

Ensure that your organization’s cybersecurity strategy and policies are implemented in a consistent and measurable manner, by adhering to cybersecurity standards and norms and base the critical decisions on tested key aspects. We facilitate the adoption, implementation, auditing and continuous improvement of the main cybersecurity standards and norms in top international organizations.


  • Adhere to global standards.
  • Rest assured that you follow the best practices.
  • Base your critical decisions on tested standards and norms.


  • Experienced in the implementation of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS / SGSI).
  • Senior ISO/IEC 27001 implementers.
  • Experts in auditing and implementation of standards NIST Cybersecurity Framework, PCI-DSS, CMMI, COBIT, OWASP SAMM, BSIMM, CIS Controls.
Partnered with top global
cybersecurity vendors
We are allied with the best software solutions to help you respond to any cybersecurity incident and establish the steps to mitigate it.
From a fully outsourced solution to State-of-the-Art software and managed services, with KMH you get full support


Outsource your cybersecurity strategy and focus on growth by getting a top team with the expertise to lead and manage your Information Technology and assets.

Consulting services

Build or refine your specific cybersecurity challenges with KMH objective advice based on specialized expertise.

Managed services

If security is not your focus, let us handle your programs and tools, improve your operations' efficiency and reduce expenses by avoiding directly-employed staff.
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We help top organizations
World-class organizations face world-class challenges. From experienced CISOs to fast-growing companies, we help you become more resilient to cybersecurity risks.
Integrated cybersecurity solutions for an energy company
Vulnerability management & data protection that help a leading energy company from South America to monitor and respond to threats that could harm its operations.
Krav Maga Hacking
We are a boutique cybersecurity team of experts, that have been working to help information security teams build a strong prevention strategy, improve their skills and have an optimal response in critical situations since 20XX.
Krav Maga Hacking
provides the expert cybersecurity support that information security teams in large organizations around the world look for. We provide cybersecurity consulting, technologies, and managed services, to  protect our customer’s Information Technology systems and assets.
We face global scale challenges with maximum impact

OAS, Pacific Alliance & IBD alliance

We participate and engage with international organisms in the interest of increasing the cybersecurity resilience of its member countries, as well as its public and strategic organizations.

Recognized ethical hackers

When done ethically, hacking can bring to light serious flaws on the Information Technologies and assets of every modern organization. We work hand in hand with our clients to make sure they address every known risk.
We are passionate for sharing our cybersecurity knowledge
Visit our blog where we share some of our insights around the current cybersecurity and information security challenges and how top organizations are facing them.
Integrated cybersecurity solutions for an energy company
Vulnerability management & data protection that help a leading energy company from South America to monitor and respond to threats that could harm its operations.
SURA: Secure application development with Checkmarx. After training 200+ developers we substantially decreased the vulnerabilities of their code and sped up their time-to-market with a powerful, intuitive and integrated tool.
Security Operations Center (SOC) for a respected university in South America
We help a major educational services organization to be prepared against modern threats with a centralized unit that deals with cybersecurity issues on an organizational and technical level.