Cybersecurity with maximum impact
KMH provides the expert support that information security teams in large organizations around the world look for. Through State-of-the-Art cybersecurity consulting, technology and managed solutions, we help our customers identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from threats made to their most important asset: their business and customer information technology.
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We help our customers face their cybersecurity risks by addressing the different functions of an integral strategy
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Managed services

What makes us stand out

Extreme customer support

We work shoulder to shoulder with our customers to help them develop a strong cybersecurity strategy and, when the going gets tough, we are always there to face the risks together and rise up victorious.

Team of experts

KMH is proud of working with top global talent, trained on State-of-the-Art techniques and tools to help our customers protect their technology and information assets based on top global standards.

Passionate for cybersecurity knowledge

We stay one step ahead of the latest threats and techniques used by cybercriminals from around the globe, by engaging in continuous training and participating in industry events, where we are regular speakers.

International execution with expert allies

We work together with top cybersecurity expert companies offering their expertise in many countries around  the world. From our HQs in Uruguay and Colombia, to Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Jamaica, Mexico and The United States.
Partnered with top global
cybersecurity vendors
We work with State-of-the-Art software to keep our customers ahead of the threats that organizations face in the information age.
We help top organizations
World-class organizations face world-class challenges. From experienced security teams to growth focused companies, we help you become more resilient to cybersecurity risks.
Integrated cybersecurity solutions for an energy company
Vulnerability management & data protection that help a leading energy company from South America to monitor and respond to threats that could harm its operations.
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Krav Maga Hacking
In a world that depends on Information Technology, KMH provides the expert support that information security teams in large organizations around the world look for.

Through State-of-the-Art cybersecurity consulting and software, we help our  customers identify, protect, detect, respond to and recover from threats to their most important asset: their business and customer Information Technology.
We face global scale challenges with maximum impact

Recognized ethical hackers

Ethical hacking identifies and acts on known risks of the Information Technologies and assets that modern organizations rely on. We work together with our customers to ensure they address risks and threats.

We help international organizations stay secure

We participate and engage with international organizations like OAS, Pacific Alliance & IADB to increase the cybersecurity resilience of its member countries, as well as its public and critical infrastructure entities.
We are passionate for sharing our cybersecurity knowledge
Visit our blog where we share some of our insights around the current cybersecurity and information security challenges and how top organizations are facing them.
SURA: Secure application development with Checkmarx. After training 200+ developers we substantially decreased the vulnerabilities of their code and sped up their time-to-market with a powerful, intuitive and integrated tool.
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Security Operations Center (SOC) for a respected university in South America
We help a major educational services organization to be prepared against modern threats with a centralized unit that deals with cybersecurity issues on an organizational and technical level.
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Ethical hacking and incident response services for the Uruguayan Government
KMH was selected by AGESIC (National E-Government Agency) as one of 3 companies to accompany government institutions on hacking and remediation issues.
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