Axur and Krav Maga Hacking
Protect your organization from digital risks like phishing, fake social media accounts, data leaks, fraud and more.
KMH is allied with Axur, leader in risk protection that will help you find and take down dangers that threaten your brand and your customers by using intelligence technology and on-demand solutions.
With Axur you will identify threats quickly, gather evidence for detected frauds and takedown of  infringing content.
Give your team more power using Axur's automation tools with the help from the KMH team

Digital Frauds

Search and response to phishings, fake social profiles and fake apps.

Online Piracy

Treatment of false advertisements and irregular products.

Data Breaches and Leaks

Detect unauthorized access points to sensitive data and leaked data on the Internet.

Deep & Dark Web Intelligence

Deep web monitoring and CTI investigation.

Axur Hashcast™

Monitor leakage of employees' emails, passwords and hashes on the Web, including the deep and dark web.
What makes Axur different:

Enforcement team 24/7 availability

Quick response with Axur’s SLA commitment

Optimized for takedowns on the world's leading ISPs

Protect your reputation, avoid expenses and regain lost sales

List of customers
These are some customers that work with Axur over the world:
Krav Maga Hacking
We are a select cybersecurity team of experts that have been helping information security teams build a strong prevention strategy, improve their skills and have an optimal response in critical situations since 2019.
We are passionate for sharing our cybersecurity knowledge
Visit our blog where we share some of our insights around the current cybersecurity and information security challenges and how top companies are facing them.
Integrated cybersecurity solutions for an energy company
Vulnerability management & data protection that help a leading energy company from South America to monitor and respond to threats that could harm its operations.
SURA: Secure application development with Checkmarx. After training 200+ developers we substantially decreased the vulnerabilities of their code and sped up their time-to-market with a powerful, intuitive and integrated tool.
Security Operations Center (SOC) for a respected university in South America
We help a major educational services organization to be prepared against modern threats with a centralized unit that deals with cybersecurity issues on an organizational and technical level.